Our process begins with the understanding and defining the all-important brand experience – what we want the customer to feel and see and do. Sometimes we focus soley on improving part of the customer’s experience in a away which doesn’t involve any building or fit-out work.

We then prepare concept designs showing overall retail concepts and layouts and then, once reviewed with our clients, a developed design is created from client input. From there we prepare detailed design drawings, enabling the concept to be costed, consented and built. We offer a full “end-to-end” service from Concept Design to assisting with implementation of these concepts across whole chains.

We often work closely with our client’s preferred consultants to integrate the store design with their advertising, marketing, audio/visual and media systems.

We design boutiques, showrooms, flagships, malls, shopping precincts, cafes and restaurants – whatever the space and the purpose, the Studio Gascoigne team has the experience to deliver.