Comvita challenged us to create a modular temporary kiosk format to be trialled in Auckland International Airport aiming specifically at the Asian health product market, displaying a wide variety of merchandise and graphics and reflecting the brand’s olive leaf and bee-product heritage.

The small site had poor site lines, a ceiling that couldn’t be modified and the need to lock up products after trading hours without any form of shutters or shop-front.

Our response was to design a kiosk more like a Pop-up market stall, deliberately encouraging customers to walk through the store without feeling trapped. A series of units resembling beehives were installed seemingly at random to create an organic browsing experience, with hinges to lock against each other for after- hours security. The store has consistently traded in excess of budget

Faux ‘weather-aged’ timber was used for flooring and counter tops to foster an authentic feel and lighting ‘floats’ below the existing ceiling. The various joinery units are reconfigurable for use at other sites. The result is a space markedly different to anything else at the airport, that breaks the mould of a typically mono-chromatic, sterile looking health and beauty offer in an area of high transit. Images by Patrick Reynolds.