The clients required a distinctive look that reflected Japanese cuisine but with a modern twist tin order to offer a distinct point of difference from the adjacent fast food offers which include McDonald’s and Dunkin’Doughnuts. As the site is almost at the end of a very long concourse and no out-goes were permitted our clients were keen to have the frontage illuminated and as eye-catching as possible.

We designed a modern take on traditional Japanese architecture which was built and clad in wood so was able to be prefabricated off site due to the limited access to site for construction. Airport regulations only permit a 4 hour construction window daily for site work from midnight till 4 AM, including load-in, equipment set-up and breakdown. This equated to an actual build time on site of around 40 hours. We had to allow for only limited on-site cooking as was no provision kitchen extract.

We believe that the result achieves a distinctive take on the traditional sushi restaurant which reflects the simple and natural nature of the food sold. It provides a real alternative to other fast food outlets. The project came in on time and budget.