Clients Hayama were required by Auckland Airport to relocate and re-build their Sushi kiosk into a 32m2 space in the shape of a guitar pick. Our aim was to provide a very functional cooking and serving area visible to all sides, while encompassing bulky equipment and refrigerated displays, without any ‘back-room’ area.

Our design blended a very traditional Japanese colour palette with dark-stained wood, a faux Shoji screen effect on the signage bulkhead, raw black steel that enabled us to achieve the right radiuses and a carefully engineered central canopy balanced on one post – the majority of which was constructed in a modular way allowing for off-site fabrication.

Given the constraints of the tenancy footprint, we believe that we have created a very distinctive kiosk that is progressive yet speaks of its traditional offerings, no matter what language you speak. Images by Patrick Reynolds.