Icebreaker Auckland International Airport


Icebreaker’s new flagship store is located in the International terminal at Auckland Airport. This particular store is aimed directly at departing tourists and serves to not only to showcase latest icebreaker product but also to do this in the context of a very New Zealand environment that also showcases Icebreakers latest of New Zealand.

Materials are all natural: New Zealand pine or ply for fixtures and ceiling beams, natural timber floor, semi-random stone tiles to replicate South Island schist and real barn wood, sourced from Canada. Walls are painted in cementitious paint while the back wall is clad and in real New Zealand moss. The shopfront is also deliberately barn-like and open to allow customers to easily fall into the otherwise narrow store.

The aim is that the shopping environment will be interesting, memorable and evocative if New Zealand’s unique environment, so that customers will seek the brand out in their local markets or by shopping online. As such the store is as much a billboard for New Zealand as it is a retail outlet and, from the sales and customer feedback points of view, it is working very well.