When we received the brief for Kiwi Discovery’s new tourist and souvenir shop in the refurbished Auckland International Airport terminal it sounded like a fun project to showcase a wide variety of New Zealand products and memories to departing tourists. 

The brief called for a neutral palette to compliment the back and white logo, appeal to a largely Asian clientele and not compete with the multi-coloured packaging. Signage had to be explicit to cater for (often hurried) non-English speaking customers. Racking had to be very multi-functional so that most product categories could be displayed anywhere in the store. 

We keep the palate reasonably simple so it wouldn’t clash with the (largely colourful) packaging on display. This finishes pallet consists of white and timber joinery, black framing elements, soft green to the walls timber-look flooring and plenty of graphics. We also drew attention to the counter with some hanging plants and pendant lights.