Un Deux Trois is a new retail furniture and homewares store housed in the historic Le Quesne’s Pharmacy building in Ponsonby’s Jervois Road. Collaborating with our clients, we designed an interior where merchandise is grouped into ever-changing room ‘sets’ fitted around the column grid, resulting in a textured and colourful space in keeping with the eclectic and residential nature of their products.

The 162m2 retail space was in very poor condition, with no fire or sound proofing. The original floor had been largely removed and over-clad with particleboard. Most existing walls had been lined with GIB and the whole building sagged so much that parts of it fell by 300mm relative to others.

We exposed, restored and repainted the remaining original pressed-metal linings; sourced a similarly patterned wallpaper, over-clad the non-original shopfront with a new timber façade inspired by those typical of Paris’s Le Marais District. We also commissioned a mural of plants to decorate a non-original GIB wall. Images by Patrick Reynolds.