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In collaboration with Designworks, Telecom’s Concept Store in Victoria St is a new approach to technology retailing that marries futuristic features with approachability in an environment that oozes colour, variety and character.

The playfully eclectic space has simplistic, crisp elements to reflect the high-end technology on offer, tempered with soft textures to create a comfortable and fun way for customers to interact with the products. Images by Patrick Reynolds.

The store made it onto the WAN Retail Interiors Award ‘long list’, won Gold at the 2011 BeST Awards in the Retail Environment category, was Home Group Winner at the 2011 NZRIA RED Awards and featured on VMSD online and the August 2011 cover of VMSD magazine. (The world’s leading retail design magazine.)



Specialising in high-end, individually prepared desserts, patisseries and beverages all prepared on site, the interior of Oko Dessert Kitchen was designed to incorporate a contemporary and functional aesthetic up-market enough to reflect the premium-priced offerings, yet not too grand to discourage casual coffee and ice cream customers.

White Carrara marble, gold, porcelain and timber accents hint at a traditional French patisserie or Italian gelato shop, while use of reflection, line and form lets the modern and stylish nature of the desserts steal the spotlight.

In this way, the design reflects the unique nature and personality of our client’s product offering without allowing the space to be pigeon-holed as a cafe, patisserie or regular full-service restaurant. The store has traded very strongly since its inception and is often packed ‘til nearly midnight. Images by Patrick Reynolds.



The Quay Street Comvita store is a prototype flagship model for on-going and mainly international retail rollouts for hugely successful New Zealand Export brand with natural health and beauty products, mainly formulated from honey or olive leaf.

Designed to accommodate tour groups in a small (96m2) interior, the shop hints at both beehives and traditional Chinese medicine stores and is divided into three defined zones: the ‘Story Wall’ to explain the brand background, ‘Beauty Wall’ as an understated backdrop to their new line of skin products and ‘Life Lab’ for customer interaction and product demonstrations.

The result is a subtly coloured and textured environment of organic forms that reinforces Comvita’s completely natural brand image while positioning it as a premium retailer of natural health and beauty products. The concept is currently being rolled out across China and Hong Kong. The Comvita Concept Store won Health & Beauty Division Award at the 2013 RED Awards. Images by Patrick Reynolds and Matt Gascoigne.