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In Apparel Magazine, Mark explains why good lighting design is vital for your retail store.

Imagine shopping in the dark. Hard to imagine? But remember that your customer’s experience of your store and merchandise is primarily driven by what he or she sees. And, unless you are trading outside in the sunshine, what they see is entirely governed by your lighting. So, let’s not treat retail lighting as just another mounted ceiling service. Make it draw attention to your store and its products as well as creating an appropriate sense of drama and ambience. Many studies have shown that this DOES increase sales. Obviously lighting can be very technical but I believe that YOU should decide how your store should be lit and not leave it to some computer lighting programme.

Here are 10 points to get you started:

1. Where & What

Decide what you want to draw your customer’s attention to and focus lighting on that.

2. Beware of Bland Lighting

Retail selling is about drama and getting customers interested in your stock. Don’t just wash light everywhere; create some highlight zones and softer areas.

3. Look!

Take time to look at your shop’s lighting as customers do. Does it stand out from its neighbours, does it look exciting or featureless, and are lights actually aiming at something worthwhile?Continue Reading..