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How will we purchase our travel in the future? Will travel retailers exist, or will we buy purely online?

Recently the Studio Gascoigne team was thinking about travel (we’re always thinking about travel!) and got to thinking about how exciting the journey is, but how boring most travel shops are. We decided to put our minds to the challenge of re-imagining travel retailing and seeing if we could change the world.

We even gave the project a name: “The Journey Book.” Read on…

The Journey Book inspiration image

First, imagine you are finally ready to take the trip you’ve always craved. You’ve got visions in your head about what you are going to see and how great you’ll feel. But your first step on the journey is either stuck in front of your computer (just like being at the office) or at your local travel store, which probably looks more like an office than a shop.

You know those places – a few desks in front of posters of tropical locations, packed with screeds of boringly presented information (most of if completely irrelevant to you). The whole experience may just burst your bubble!

Here you can not only get inspired browsing a variety of media, but also book to go to the places you’ve heard about and get the feel of what it’s going to be like when you get there. And here you can also start building your own journey in your own digital ‘Journey Book’, on your phone or tablet, so you can share it and have a tangible ‘map’ of your journey.Continue Reading..